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Previously functioning solely in Switzerland as ‘Staff Finder’, Coople had been growing strongly since incorporation as an online marketplace for ‘on demand recruitment’.

After entering a new phase of growth, the Staff Finder needed a strategy that was fit for expansion into the UK, Germany, France and US markets. By creating a new name, sharpening its values, refining its brand proposition and streamlining its functions, we equipped Coople for revolutionising the marketplace and engaging with companies, employees, candidates and investors. We provided Coople with a new identity that would carry the business forward for global expansion in a way that distinguished it from its competitors in the crowded market of online recruitment.

"Brandcap were inspirational to work with. They understood the intent behind our brand, brought a clear process to help us think it through and helped us internalise it within our business. We're delighted with the end result of the brand expression and the attitude it conveys. It felt like a real partnership."

Tony Macklin, Chief Product Officer, Coople

What we delivered:

  • Brand strategy
  • Naming
  • Visual identity