In no particular order, here are our top 10 brands, obsessions, and ones to watch in tech.


I’m inspired by Technology Will Save Us; it’s a perfect balance of tech, education and fun. Learning through play isn’t new, but their approach is really creative, human, and future-facing. It’s engaging for adults, too. I think they’re the Pixar of playful education, and they’re going to be huge.

– Sophie Jurkiewicz, Senior Creative, UK


Having recently decided to take up Longboarding, I’ve become fascinated with the traditional boards’ tech-twin – the Boosted board. It’s controlled by a hand-held remote that allows the rider to take control of the speed and it has regenerative brakes. While I’m still hoping to master the classic foot-to-pavement method, I’ll definitely be keeping my eye out for this board as a potential run around in the future!

– Lauren Purnell, Community Manager


Google’s new phone is awesome, particularly for its voice command centre. Despite a 5 year head start held by Apple, Google’s answer to Siri is far more sophisticated, capable and inviting to use. Android is ever increasing its market share in mobile operating systems – Apple has a tough battle ahead to bring theirs back to the fore.

– Mike Brooks, Senior Consultant, Campaign, UK


I like to imagine how the future of driverless cars will play out in our smart cities. Who knows yet which brand will win the race to market leadership?

Will it be a big incumbent manufacturer? An upstart like Tesla? A platform like Uber? A tech giant like Apple or Google? And how will individuals, businesses and society cope with the implications? In a market that knows which direction it’s going in, the route is very much yet to be worked out.

– Rupert Faircliff, Director


I’m obsessed with Teenage Engineering products! This synthesizer is my favourite. It’s makes me think of the Braun products designed by Dieter Rams. Oh and Elijah Wood got “endless enjoyment” out of this machine. So yeah – that.

– Isha Suhag, Junior Creative


I’m impressed by the evolution of civilian drones. I like how they’re no longer just consumer toys (getting their users into trouble) and have recently had more enterprising uses, such as a blood delivery tool for patients in Rwanda.

– Annabelle Braithwaite,  Marketing and Executive Assistant


I like Activision-Blizzard because they’re pioneering a culture shift in video games from creating transparent revenue streams to building legitimacy around e-sports.

– Alexander Dale, Intern


I recently came across the start up Latch. Their point of view on the nature of locks is great, and I love their branding. It’s the perfect blend of clean and simple design with modern and forward thinking tech. It’s familiar without being boring, and futuristic without being alienating.

– Blake Kim, Consultant


I love smart technology based on a real, tangible need. Unfortunately it’s often not the case – smart technology starts with the solution and then retrofits to solve a problem that perhaps didn’t exist. It will certainly be interesting to see what new problems arise from driverless cars, for example.  I recently came across Luigi, the prototype robot that collects sewage samples to then map human health and predict possible disease outbreaks. Not pretty(!), but incredible and potentially life saving.

– Lizzy Stallard, Business Development Director, UK


I saw Ototo at an event last year. I love it because it goes back to basics, proving that sometimes good technology is just about making a piece of fruit sing.

– Grace Parry, Junior Creative

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