Stephanie Matthews, Director, Culture Lead, UK

Our friends at King recently won a prestigious RAD Award for their ‘Seriously Playful’ employer brand.

Developed via internal and external focus groups and across all target audiences the judges were impressed that their brand captured the brand values and culture. It’s certainly full of personality. Beyond a recruitment campaign this is a true marriage of corporate and employer identity. It has also been integrated into existing processes across the employee lifecycle – a new careers site, employee handbooks and induction packs, performance management, leadership development and rewards and internal communications.

A few example tactics for clients wanting to follow in King’s footsteps:

  • Write a clear, compelling EVP to match their customer-facing brand idea. This should be based on what motivates different talent groups.
  • Brand important people touch points (e.g. social media profiles, careers website, recruitment ads, career and job-related apps, induction and orientation modules). Think new tone of voice, high impact and engaging visual style.
  • Create and help implement new workplace experience hallmarks that are just as sexy as any customer experience hallmarks.