by Lily Paveenrat Wongprasert, Intern

Lily recently finished a 3 month internship with us. We were so sorry to say goodbye, but loved having her on the team and wish her the best of luck back home in Thailand!

My internship at BrandCap has been a phenomenal experience. Not only has it changed the way I understood branding and strategy, but it also taught me a great deal about ways of working, sharing ideas, and developing them.

What I learnt and will always carry with me is the openness and fluidity of the working approach here. The design and strategy team are not separate teams of specialists. Instead, BrandCap focuses on what your unique skill set and interests can bring to the table. To me, this really brings out the best in the diverse, multi-talented team at BrandCap. There is no limit on who can be involved or who can speak up. As an intern, I felt that I had the chance to hone a wide variety of strengths and explore many interests, and that I was able to meaningfully contribute my best ideas and effort.

The fast-paced work and collaborative spirit at BrandCap also meant that within 3 months, I have had an extensive taster of what it is like to work here, from the inception of a project pitch right through to delivery at client site. In addition, BrandCap’s diverse client profile meant that I was constantly learning about new industries and switching between different modes of thinking throughout each week — a welcomed challenge.

At BrandCap, there is a genuine emphasis on supporting each other’s development. My mentor would always check in to discuss my learning progress, what weaknesses or knowledge gap I want to work on, and whether there was a skill or industry I haven’t had a chance to focus on yet. Beyond work, what really made this internship inspiring for me is the passion and spirit of the people. It was a true joy to learn from and share experiences with the brilliant and wonderful people here at BrandCap.

So, if you’re an agile, creative thinker who loves a good laugh and a good challenge, this could be the place for you.

Throughout the year we have a constant injection of bright young minds to bring fresh thinking and energy to the business. If you’d like to apply for an internship, please get in touch.