by Hiba Badenjki, Intern

Hiba recently completed a 3 month internship with us. We were so sorry to say goodbye, but loved having her on board and wish her every success in her next venture!

Having spent several months interning at BrandCap, I wanted to share my observations from my time here.

Something that initially struck me (apart from the incredible office space and abundance of palm trees!) was BrandCap’s unique way of working without any account management. Both strategists and creatives communicate directly with clients throughout the span of a project – a process that I found incredibly satisfying. With no middleman, feedback is transparent and the whole process feels incredibly straightforward and efficient.

I’ve also really enjoyed the variety of clients that BrandCap works with. With no business size or sector limitations, the team must be adaptable and flexible in their approach to new briefs and it’s something that they do really well. The team embraces the challenge of making a difference for both start-ups and big corporations by identifying small points of difference to then amplify and exploit. It’s been a really valuable lesson for me, a reminder to always think about the way in which the smallest edge can make such a big difference to a business.

As a strategy intern, it has been great getting to work so closely with the creative team. There is no segregation between specialties so everyone is able to work together and draw inspiration from one another. And with no hierarchy, everyone is encouraged to participate, and it’s easy to do so. Throughout the internship, I consistently felt that my opinions and ideas were valued, and that’s been a real highlight!

Throughout the year we have a constant injection of bright young minds to bring fresh thinking and energy to the business. If you’d like to apply for an internship, please get in touch.