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International Alert
– Developing a go-to peacebuilding organisation

BrandCap acts as a strategic counsel to International Alert (‘Alert’), a leading peacebuilding INGO.

Alert is using the opportunity of its 30th anniversary to inspire a step-change and drive sustainable growth. This involves reshaping the strategy, business model and brand in one go. Our brief is clear – help Alert to become the global go-to peacebuilding organisation. We carried out research to diagnose the opportunity and develop the new brand strategy. Working with the communications team and partner design agency we ensured the brand identity work was rooted in strategic insight. The new brand was unveiled at their annual Talking Peace festival in September under the banner ‘Peace is within our power’, which taps into the idea of ‘everyday peace’ – a pragmatic response to resolving conflict. The brand has been embraced by colleagues around the world, from Colombia to the Ukraine, Rwanda to Syria. At the launch event, CEO Harriet Lamb commented: “The new brand will expand our zone from the smallest villages to the United Nations, so that many more people will be inspired to build peace.” Our work will be measured on our ability to deliver deep stakeholder engagement plus demonstrable changes in areas such as reputation and profile, new audience engagement, attraction of new donors and funding and internal cultural alignment.


Photo: © Sal Alexander/International Alert from the #ART4PEACE initiative

"It was an absolute pleasure working with Brandcap and we were delighted with their support and strategic guidance. They were very patient and flexible, immediately fitting in with the whole team. They listened carefully and quickly won confidence by linking the branding strategy to our charity’s overall working model and aspirational vision. Inspiring people to see how the charity and its brand could work more coherently they raised everyone’s sights to another level. There was a real ‘ah-ha’ moment when everyone saw and understood how International Alert could lift its game in the future, strengthened by a new brand positioning running through all our work."

Harriet Lamb, CEO, International Alert

What we delivered:

  • Brand strategy
  • Business strategy
  • Tone of voice
  • Employee engagement