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– Bringing focus to the brand's offer

Convenience retailer Budgens, at the time owned by leading Irish retailer Musgrave, was suffering in one of the most competitive retail marketplaces for many years.

Budgens needed greater clarity around its positioning, target customer and retail experience. An initial research phase uncovered the opportunity – shoppers in catchment for a store tended to be more affluent but felt more could be done to inspire their daily shop. In addition to other findings, we now had a strong rationale to move out of the middle ground to a more upmarket position. The newly focused Budgens – complete with a new brand idea, identity and multichannel experience –  was launched in trial stores before being rolled out more broadly. It generated impressive results – driving up footfall, sales, basket size and profitability and creating a more emotional bond with shoppers old and new.

What we delivered:

  • Brand strategy
  • Visual identity