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Andrew Martin
— All the world's a stage

Since 1978, Andrew Martin has been at the forefront of global design. However, the business was consistently losing revenue and profit, having failed to reinvent itself and stay relevant in an ever-changing market.

We tackled the challenge from 3 angles: reigniting confidence and a sense of purpose in the team, refocusing the brand strategy to be more reflective of the brand’s heritage and business ambition, and refreshing the brand identity to embrace a more modern look and feel. We also advised on product strategy, b2b strategy and retail design.

In partnership with the new CEO and the Marketing Director, we used brand as the catalyst for change in the business, galvanising the team and projecting a vision for the future. Since completing our work, a new website has launched, the store-front is being remodelled and the product assortment rationalised.

From the first encounter to our continued interaction after the project has finished, working with BrandCap is a delight. The team completely immersed themselves in our business, I almost considered them a part of the team! They took the time to understand our business whilst being very organised, diligent and hard working. Coupled with this, BrandCap brought a different perspective to our business. Through creative inspiration, they explored different business strategies with us to relaunch our brand. The manner in which they did this brought the fire back into the business and the people working in it. I would have no hesitation in working with BrandCap again, they went well beyond my expectations, delivered amazing results and feel like a part of the the team! Thank You BrandCap.

Mike Durbridge, CEO, Andrew Martin