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Using brand to drive business performance

BrandCap is a next generation business consultancy combining commercial acumen with creative, entrepreneurial brand thinking to improve the performance of organisations. Read more 

Thinking / News

Macy’s: Transitions in American retail

Macy’s recently announced that it will be closing 100 of its stores, or 12% of its store base, which was met with great fanfare and a 17% jump in its stock share. Why? Read more 

People / Culture

Blending commerciality with creative thinking

BrandCap is a diverse, multi-national and multi-skilled team. Backgrounds include strategy consulting, finance, customer experience, culture change, design, digital innovation, market research and insight. Read more 

Recent Work

Coople The employment revolution

Previously functioning solely in Switzerland as ‘Staff Finder’, Coople had been growing strongly since incorporation as an online marketplace for ‘on demand recruitment’. Read more